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  • PORSCHE P'8478 Z-69 - GOLD/BLUE



The power of a timeless idea, transformed into an exclusive design. The iconic Porsche Design P´8478 sunglasses were the first in the world to have an interchangeable lens system. The teardrop base 6 curved lenses in the sunglasses can be easily changed with a quick-lock system that you turn to unlock and then replace with another interchangeable lens for different light conditions. Extremely lightweight titanium and highly resistant, coated lenses made from scratch-proof, almost unbreakable polycarbonate ensure that the exclusive glasses by Porsche Design are at once innovative in design and highly functional. Each pair of glasses comes with an additional pair of interchangeable lenses.

  • Iconic shape and function since 1978
  • Includes a pair of base 6 curve interchangeable lenses made of high-quality polycarbonate with scratch-proof finish
  • Lightweight titanium frame
  • Men's sunglasses with interchangeable lens system
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